Becky Evans

About my work

All of my work begins on location with walking, waiting, looking, drawing, mapping, and gathering. Each site presents itself in a different way and so my process is discovered through this engagement with “place” and then with paint or paper or mud or stones.

I see narratives in the lines of waterways over the earth’s topography. There is language in the pattern of residue and shaped chaos at the high water mark. There are signs and portents in places of extraordinary natural beauty and extraordinary natural disaster. The marks and debris left at the water’s edge create a form of writing … each day telling a new, yet familiar story. My work is my translation of what I read there.


Becky Evans is a land-based artist. Her recent solo exhibits explore the unique bioregions of the Klamath Knot, the State of Jefferson, and the edge of the Great Basin. She exhibits her work regionally and nationally. Artist’s residences have included the Morris Graves Foundation (Loleta, California), Playa (Summer Lake, Oregon), and Earthwatch Institute (Skagit River, Washington). She was a member of the Art Department Faculty (adjunct) at College of the Redwoods Eureka,California for 30 years. Becky Evans has her home and studio near Humboldt Bay, California.

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